The last digital project took quite a long time and ended up being far too expensive. Can this also be avoided? And if so, how?

    Why we think in terms of goals

    The well-known international real estate agent had not had an agency for nine months. He organized a so-called pitch.

    Why speed beats every pitch

    Without updating your software components, your website will be hacked and misused. Sooner or later, guaranteed and without exception. The damage is usually incalculable.

    What you should do against hackers

We have been living TYPO3 for 20 years.

Our mission at Gosign is to develop complex, multilingual enterprise websites. With 90 dedicated TYPO3 developers, we are your trusted partner for TYPO3 updates, GDPR customizations and bespoke hosting. In addition to over 900 years of TYPO3 experience, we offer an arsenal of GDPR-compliant T3 extensions and connectivity middleware for almost any business system.


Form follows Function

Sales comes first. With our call-to-action strategy, CRM connection and content strategy, we get your sales moving. Our experts optimize the user experience and speed. Consult with our conversion professionals now!


Updates und DSGVO

With daily security patches and guaranteed GDPR compliance, we not only ensure legal security, but also protect you from data leaks and PR crises. Security is a matter of course. Do you dream of a website without cookie banners? Talk to our data protection specialists.


Relaunches are 90s

Anyone who relaunches is afraid of the big update. As a result, the relaunch is often already outdated when it finally goes online. An update with a redesign saves time and effort and keeps your project agile and secure at all times. Let us convince you with a modern roadmap.

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What we do for you

Content with a system

With the right strategy and user-friendly technical implementation, content can really become king. Make your content management system the linchpin of a meaningful content and lead strategy. Bundle external content on your website in compliance with data protection regulations and make content marketing plannable with AI.

TYPO3 the Enterprise CM

We have been developing solutions for the TYPO3 open source content management system for 20 years. Whether cookie-less, in 120 languages, with 4 million subpages, cached under full load or fully integrated into your business environment, we fully exploit the enterprise advantages of this system for you.

Multilingual websites

German industry thrives on exports. The digital strategy often lags behind this claim. Content marketing strategies therefore often remain entirely regional. That doesn’t have to be the case. Our intelligent, semi-automated multilingualism even saves translation costs the more extensive your project becomes.

Get to the results – the magazine

The result comes before the action. In our magazine, we cover all topics that play a strategic role for your relevant business goals – from “What do I actually need?” to “How do I implement it?”.

Our customers

“Even as a global market leader, you want to go further, higher. It is both inspiring and reassuring to have the conceptual digital power of Gosign consistently on our side.”

“With Gosign, we have found an agency that, with a breath of fresh air and unconventional ideas, has always managed to surprise us as a customer and to significantly advance the company’s external image.

The system support works smoothly thanks to the tireless commitment of the technicians, who are able to implement even amateurishly formulated projects perfectly.”

“Fast, friendly and competent support. This is how collaboration should be!”

Oliver Hickfang

“Gosign is getting straight to the result. The depth and breadth of this – and the speed at which it happens – will shape our new digital strategy.”

Charlotte Karlinder

“When I launch a start-up, I need a partner who is at least as passionate about the topic as I am. Gosign is on fire.”

Bosse Küllenberg

“Gosign provides sound and entrepreneurial advice, then sets the right priorities and then implements them consistently and independently – without burdening our internal resources.”

Franca Cuneo

“I want to know whether a digital agency can help develop the company’s value. Gosign can do that. And where others are still waffling, Gosign is pirouetting.”

Thorsten Ziegler

“Gosign is not just about speed. It’s about how much essential work happens in this time.”

Truels Dentler

“With our store, we feel we are in good hands with Gosign.”

Andreas Schmidt Wiethoff