• Why we don’t sell websites, but targets

    The last digital project took quite a long time and was much too expensive in the end. Can this be avoided? And if so, how?

    Why we think in terms of goals
  • Are you still pitching, or are you selling?

    The renowned international real estate agent has not had an agency for nine months. He held a so-called pitch.

    Why Tempo Beats Every Pitch
  • Our topic cannot be addressed by an external editorial team.

    Once upon a time there was a bank. It had three main departments and several others. It was a bank with many specialists for these topics. How could we, as external editors, suddenly muster all this specialist knowledge? The scepticism was great.

    How an external editorial team sharpens your positioning
  • 10 reasons why your website is hacked

    Without updating your software components your website will be hacked and abused. Sooner or later, guaranteed and without exception. The damage is usually unmanageable.

    What to do against hackers

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