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Hamburg is not exactly poor in digital agencies. But few bring such a rich portfolio and a wealth of experience in the development of websites and digital campaigns as Gosign. From medium-sized companies to corporations, the entire brand landscape from Airbus to ZDF – everyone was there.

The strategy follows the brand. The measure of strategy. Artificial intelligence lends wings to the measure.

Originally, Gosign was a kind of meta-digital agency for other agencies. Many of the best-known advertising agencies won large budgets for the big brands, but they had to buy the digital competence. So it was only natural that so many major digital projects migrated to Gosign – probably more than at any “normal” agency, even digital ones. Countless German brand websites and campaigns were the result. Many of the customers from this time are still with Gosign today.

Over time, however, this model was no longer flexible enough. Year after year, the demands on every digital project grow. Classic and so-called full-service agencies can no longer keep pace.

Classic “advertising” ideas and concepts no longer catch on. Digital time works quite differently – for B2C and B2B projects alike. Online budgets must deliver real results to justify their budgets.

At the same time, conception processes and agile implementation methods have become confusing for agencies and many clients. In addition, there are evidence-based data-supported methods of artificial intelligence. We had to reinvent some of them in order to make them usable for marketing processes.

And so Gosign reinvented himself. The proven digital competence remained, brand and accelerated rapid content marketing strategies were added. At the same time, it was time to redefine the customer experience with a digital agency – and the demands our customers place on it.

Gosign reinvents the digital agency

We know from experience that digital projects in companies are often first viewed sceptically and then under high expectation pressure. We also know that the results in the past have often not kept what was promised. And that implementation was often a long time coming.

At the end of the day, every budget and digital manager must be judged by what the new digital project actually delivers. We help you to define these goals and then achieve them – in a way that minimizes your effort.

We know many digital agencies in Hamburg from


inside. We know that processes, consulting and decision-making paths can often be agonizingly slow. That’s why we’ve optimized our method case so that we can deliver better and more value-adding results in less time. The side effect: more appreciation for project managers.

Probably the fastest digital agency in the world

Fast doesn’t mean cheap or sloppy. Fast means optimization through agile methods and on the shortest way. Fast means being able to identify and leave wood paths immediately. Fast means being able to react quickly to current market developments. Fast means having a digital agency that creates considerably more project security because it drives digital projects more unerringly in the optimal direction.

Methods such as machine learning help to gain insights from the available data that can be used directly for marketing. In this way, all project participants can base their work on solid facts instead of fishing in the murky waters.

Award-winning creation and conception

Solid brand work is the resilient foundation on which the further concept is built. In almost all cases, everything else results almost automatically from this alone. This is also a gain in speed. And you gain the certainty that the entire digital strategy of your company has a namable reason.

Gosign supports you with award-winning expertise, gained from working with digital campaigns for countless medium-sized companies and major brands – won at the New York Festivals, in Montreux, Cannes and at the German ADC.

Content Marketing at its best

Without a reasonable content marketing concept, it is hardly possible to build reach and qualified contacts. Because your visitors usually do not experience the first contact with your company on a shiny homepage. Also not on a blatant performance page, but rather on an editorially prepared consulting subpage.

However, such a content marketing strategy must not be arbitrary if it is to contribute to the company’s success. It must be consistently developed out of the brand – otherwise it is “something with content”, but not marketing.

Thanks to mature methods, we are now in a position to increasingly outsource classic editorial processes to artificial intelligence. This automatically ensures more precise forecasts, accelerated and simplified processes and better results. In short, our AI can help revolutionize content marketing. We call it Rapid Content Marketing.

Your contact person teaches Content Marketing at the University of Bremen.

You should come to us when …

  • Your website contributes or should contribute decisively to your company value
  • you need a content marketing strategy that is actually content marketing and not PR
  • your website needs to develop more reach and achieve specific goals
  • Are you looking for a B2B agency with sound industry expertise in the healthcare industry?
  • You want to know what Artificial Intelligence can do for your digital brand strategy
  • You are looking for a creative agency for digital campaigns?
  • You need lateral thinkers for your online marketing activities
  • You need a solution for your social media strategy
  • You need a digital trade magazine to build reach
  • you tackle a competent responsive redesign of your website
  • your website needs to build international reach as quickly as possible
  • you want to run an international Magento shop
  • You want to benefit from the technological advantage and efficient interfaces of WordPress 5 (Gutenberg)?
  • You need support with the DSGVO
  • You want to make sure that your website is safe according to the BSI regulations
  • you need to protect your website from hacker attacks
  • You are looking for a hosting provider with maintenance, service and update solutions?
  • you want to change your digital agency
  • Are you looking for a digital agency in Hamburg?

We look forward to hearing from you!


Gosign GmbH
Hallerstraße 8
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(040) 609 40 79 – 40

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