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65 people make up the world‘s fastest digital force. Founded in 2001, 1 year later specialized in TYPO3, to found a school for programmers in Pakistan 5 years later, which already has 600 students in the same year. This has led to close cooperation with the Department of Computer Science at the University of Sarghoda. The best graduates often find their way back to Gosign. Branches in Berlin and Bonn and Bremen soon followed, but the heart of Gosign – it beats in Hamburg.



Bert Gogolin

Managing Director and Location Manager Berlin
Accelerates the technological process.
Achieves results as a founder and innovation spirit, technology pioneer and home automation artist.

Sound and smoke:
Scrum coach, certified product owner


Carsten Teller

Managing Director, Location Manager Bremen
and Head of Editorial Team

Accelerates strategy and brand impact.
Achieves results as a content marketing specialist, big picture guy and syllable brat.

Sound and smoke:
Creative Director, University Lecturer


Christina Clauß Carrera

Location Manager Hamburg

Accelerates the entire project.
Achieves results as a multilingual puppeteer with a large customer ear.

Sound and smoke:
Certified Scrum Product Owner

Thomas Wedekind

Management Test Systems and Shop Systems

Accelerates technical penetration.
Achieves results as an expert in intelligent teamwork and as a helmsman of our Pakistani teams.

Sound and smoke:
Certified Scrum Master, Certified Scrum Developer

Guido von Marientreu

Head of design team and online advertising

Accelerates the visible world.
Achieves results with decades of ingenuity in automation and an unerring eye for good, true, beautiful.

Sound and smoke:
Creative Director Art

Mansoor Ahmad

Management Team Building and Editing Systems

Accelerates the technical implementation.
Achieves results as a traveling adventurer and as a helmsman our Pakistani teams

Sound and smoke:
Certified Scrum Master, Certified Scrum Developer, Certified TYPO3 Integrator


Dieter Gogolin

Location Manager Bonn

Accelerates our customers in the Rhineland. Achieves results as a valued ear for our customers and by very direct wire as an uncle of Bert.

Sound and smoke:
Learned philosopher and technical linguist with a penchant for automated cataloguing of the literary world


Hubert Turaj

Location Manager Krakow, Head of Interface Design and User Testing

Accelerates the science of what really brings results. Achieves results as a user experience researcher with his team.

Sound and smoke:
M. A. in Psychology, Managing Director of Gosign partner EDISONDA

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