Together we revolutionize long-tail advertisingGemeinsam revolutionieren wir das Longtail-Advertising

lyftyfy is a spinoff of Gosign GmbH, one of the most established digital agencies on the market. And even if we are reinventing everything now – we stand solidly on 20 years of market experience and crisis resistance. With lyftyfy | lɪftɪ.faɪ | we are now taking off with a unique product. It will outshine everything known in the field of search engine advertising with your help. To be honest, it already does. But we want to go much much higher. And there’s still so much to do. To do that, we need someone who has internalized the world of Google and Bing ads to such an extent that he’s starting to get bored with it. Together with us, you will therefore question everything and embark on a journey that will turn previous models upside down. We promise it will be exciting!

What you do so far

  • You develop, optimize and control SEA campaigns especially for Google Ads and Bing
  • You plan, control and optimize SEA campaigns taking into account the budget and target KPIs
  • You develop keyword and ad strategies, optimize them to the last detail and use every bidding strategy in your sleep
  • You continuously analyze performance and develop optimization strategies for ads and landing pages
  • You define and analyze campaign-relevant metrics and report back to the client and team to discuss next steps and opportunities for improvement
  • You are responsible for creating and presenting quarterly/ad-hoc reports that cover the performance of the campaign

How to revolutionize the want ads world

  • You are a driver in research and development of our product
  • You develop new structures and processes with and for our teams and establish a system for quality assurance
  • You optimize the system in our current core market Germany and prepare the multilingual expansion technically and conceptually
  • You are interested in language and semantics and are eager to develop practicable models for the automation of ads and landing pages
  • You know and use all optimization options that Google and Bing have to offer and prepare them for automation
  • You are familiar with Google and Bing limitations and therefore know how to work around them to make the API glow
  • You love dashboards and reports as much as we do, and work with the team to automate such reporting tools
  • You’ll work closely with the entire marketing team to implement a global marketing strategy for our product
  • You’ll be the main point of contact with Google and stay up to date on beta product rollouts and best practices
  • You will work closely with our product team to develop and apply conversion optimization processes with A/B and multivariate testing of landing pages

You can do all this

  • You have completed a university degree quite prima and/or have at least 3 years of professional experience in this field
  • You get into the flow with analytical and conceptual work
  • You are interested in the big picture of data science, media, e-commerce, social media, CRM, performance marketing and analytics
  • You have a vocation for organization and leadership
  • You are deeply convinced to explain complex interrelationships in a simple way
  • That’s why you have an excellent command of written and spoken German and English and find that typos only distract from simple explanations
  • We work consistently within a Google Apple infrastructure and cloud services. This also reduces the number of document types flying around. Excel, Word and PowerPoint are not part of the inventory.
  • You’re so self-organized that you look forward to the home office
  • You are at home in new territory

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