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Tempo is an essential success factor in any digital project. For planning, budgeting, risk management – and the results you expect from it. So far, far too many companies have waited far too long for this.

That’s over now. All our technologies and methods are designed to deliver results so quickly that you can count on it. And everything of which we do not know what results it delivers, we do not even begin. That too is fast.


Many mid-sized companies we know are internationally leading experts in their field. Only rarely are they on their own account. They can also be outstanding brands. We have a great deal of experience in positioning companies in a razor-sharp and sales-promoting manner from the point of view of their customers. Just as strongly a successful positioning promotes pride in one’s own company and the desire of the brand in the hunt for the most talented employees.


Content marketing is not just a fashion, and it is not a search engine trick. We do content marketing not for machines, but for people. Their real-world problems we have to solve and answer their questions with good advice. It’s just like in real life. The more consultation a topic needs, the more effectively the right content marketing strategy attracts readers and business-leads to your site.
Something else makes content marketing so valuable. It’s a permanent campaign. Unlike conventional campaigns, it never runs out. Every single editorial article is a meaningful, positioning permanent advertising medium.


The enterprise content management system is at the forefront of extensibility, security and privacy. It can also simplify your processes if you need to juggle multiple websites, product pages and landing pages. They all fit into a single CMS. Control your international content through a simple multilingual system. An automated translation process saves time and money. TYPO3 gives you the security of working with a standard CMS that will support the largest CMS open source developer community in Germany in the long term. And of course we ourselves: 50 TYPO3 experts, each with up to 12 years of TYPO3 experience.


Your shop system is your strongest employee in sales. Magento speaks all 6,000 languages of your customers (hard to believe, but true: in fact, your customers speak even more languages) and can be quickly adapted to any sales target with over 10,000 extensions. A shop seldom finds itself. That’s why it makes sense for us to combine it with a high-reach website and good advice for the shoppers (content marketing). However, this technical separation should not prevent your customers from buying. We’ll take care of it.


For many mid-sized companies and the many hidden champions, international sales is the decisive pillar of success. For that you need a real digital foreign minister. However, the usual practice with one or the other orphaned page in one or two additional languages will not deliver and hardly produce any sales results. We can change this very quickly – for any country you already ship to or plan to expand to. For your website as well as for your shop.

Yes, I want results!

And a pretty quick response would be pretty great. Preferably as stated.