For years, Gosign has supported one of the largest brand communities in the beauty and health sector. But it wasn’t always about beauty, and at the same time a number of pharmaceutical topics were added. Today we complement this area with the expertise of one of the most popular authors in the field of health and wellness – Charlotte Karlinder.

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Without the people at Gosign, many award-winning automotive campaigns and websites would never have got their horsepower on the road. Even though our fleet today is purely electric, our team has a lot of automotive experience with gasoline in its blood from the past: from Audi to Mercedes to Renault, everyone has driven up before. And so is a supplier.


Our team’s pretty financially strong. This is due to years of experience with some of the most complex issues that people face. The financial sector brings together a wide variety of methods and specialist knowledge: From insurance products for Allianz to HR campaigns for Deutsche Bank, information campaigns for OLB, content marketing strategies for tax offices, Bremer Landesbank and the website for Privatbank Bankhaus Wölbern.

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In the past few years, we have shown a lot of appetite for staging food. At the end of the day, our references on the subject bubble over. This is due to the many sparkling wines. But we can also do it differently. Did you know that one of our managing directors shaped Milka’s digital strategy for many years? And he is still called Teller. Food for thought.


We know from experience that this topic is very special. But as true Hanseatic city dwellers, we feel very committed to this ancient Hanseatic theme. We supported the Bremen umbrella organisation for logistics with a very special content marketing strategy, but we also built the large website of the Hamburg-based Hamburger Hafen- und Logistik AG (HHLA). In addition, a campaign page for Lufthansa also took off with us.

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Mechanical engineering is almost a hobby of Gosign. Some of the biggest hidden champions in the German middle class are among the strongest players worldwide. And we had the honour of expanding their machinery digitally – with international multilingual appearances that were a credit to the export world champions.


Some organizations, associations, societies, foundations and non-profit organizations are different from most businesses. They are brands nonetheless. As an agency, Gosign has had the pleasure of working with many of these organizations. Often in the implementation of complex projects, where responsibility was seen very precisely in terms of timing and budget.

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