Gosign Contact Person Box Block

  • User-defined profile picture position
  • Title, Subtitles and Bio-Information
  • Email and phone number with or without icons
  • Social Media Links
  • User-defined background
  • Add a border of custom colors with and without radius
  • PHP 7.2 support
  • Full WordPress 5 (Codename: Gutenberg) support

Plugin Description

This plugin creates a contact box block. It could be with custom profile picture position, contact number and email, border and background color.

Plugin Backend

With this plugin you can customize the box block of the contact person with title, description of the phone number and many other options.

Image Position Setting

This Gosign Button Plugin gives you the option to aposition the image according to your requirments. Above, below, right or left with other options.

Screenshot - Gosign Contact Person Box Block

Social Media Settings

You can add social media links to the block by entering the links. It will creat respective social media icons at the bottom of block.

jkg - Gosign Contact Person Box Block

Block Options Settings

Gosign contact person box block gives you option to select the image style and also either to hide or show phone and email icon.

k - Gosign Contact Person Box Block

Background Color Settings

There is a color panel which gives you the optin to select a background color for the box.

kjhg - Gosign Contact Person Box Block

Border Settings

With Gosign contact perosn box block you can make custom border, where you can set width, border radius and color of the border.

kuy - Gosign Contact Person Box Block

Front End Demo

Example Demo for the Plugin Gosign – Contact Person Box Block


Bert Gogolin

I founded Gosign in 2001 of all years. Why? Because I believe that you move forward with good ideas in every situation. It is against this background that I move technology.

+49 41 609 40 79 11

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