Gosign Google Maps Block

  • Custom style Google Maps
  • Unlimited number of markers
  • Marker Info Window
  • Markers Info Window Custom widths
  • User-defined marker symbols
  • Marker animations
  • User-defined marker Symbol size
  • PHP 7.2 support
  • Full WordPress 5 (Codename: Gutenberg) support

banner map - Gosign Google Maps Block

Plugin Description

You can add Google Maps with Unlimited Markers On it with Info Windows Text and you can choose prebuilt or custom themes for your maps.
You can add custom Marker Icons and also increase and decrease marker icons sizes of the custom markers in the realtime.

Plugin Backend

Plugin Backend provides a lot of options to configure the map block according to your needs. Markers: Allows you to adjust height, Zoom level and API key configurations.

backend map - Gosign Google Maps Block


Allows you to add a particular location by searching the location in the input block. Further, you can upload a custom icon by clicking the “Change Icon” option in the “More Option” select box. where you can set “Info Window Text”, different kind of animation for it, and adjust the width for info window block.

map markers - Gosign Google Maps Block

Styles Tab:

Allows you to set the map colors. Multiple options are available to choose Default, Bright, Light, Dark, pale and custom map color also available for particular map style.

map styles - Gosign Google Maps Block

Options Tab:

To set further configuration “Options” tab provide enable/disable buttons. There are a lot of customizable buttons e.g Zoom Button, Map Type Button, Street View Button, Fullscreen Button, Scroll Wheel and options to drag the map.

map options - Gosign Google Maps Block

Front End Demo

Beispiel-Demo für das Plugin Gosign – Header Image Block

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