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Gosign Launches lyftyfy - Revolutionary Longtail Advertising to Lift Conversions

The unique technology is proving itself with the first customers from various industries with millions of Google Ads and just as many tailor-made landing pages. They convert significantly better than traditional methods.

KI ändert das Content Marketing

lyftyfy - the Pitch

Revolutionary longtail advertising to lift conversions - explained in 10 seconds

Wanted: Senior SEA Expert in R&D (m/f/d)

Wanted: Senior SEA Expert in R&D (m/f/d)

Together we are revolutionising long-tail advertising

Slide induktives-marketing

Inductive Marketing: The Marketing of a Future Beginning Today

Marketing campaigns and ideas still too often fail because of the wrong derivation of the idea. Novel methods with AI can avoid this.

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We are probably the fastest and most predictable agency you have ever experienced.

In four weeks we make sure that your digital project starts working for you and delivers measurable results. From this point on, we raise the bar with you – with a strategy that focuses exclusively on your business success and a high speed. We want results.



We’re about to start. Therefore, at this point we determine exactly which results are achieved when and how. Anything that remains approximate bounces off at this point. Everything that really wants to make a difference, from corporate positioning to concrete sales targets, becomes part of this strategy.



Strictly speaking, this is already happening in parallel to step 1. Wands swung by pretty smart technologies. And by orchestrating a team from Lahore (Pakistan) to Hamburg.



Here, too, there is a triad, and it means measuring, rejoicing and telling others about results. And then the path leads back to step 2, and we are far from satisfied with just one result.

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What we do for you

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a permanent campaign for your company. The more you need to explain your product or service, the more. A well-founded strategy then ensures leads, leads, leads.


Since 2002 we have been using the mature standard open-source CMS. Why? Because we think the same way as most of our customers do: Standards are a key element of process-optimized business applications.

Multilingual Websites

Many industries rely on exports for growth. Your website should be able to do the same. Intelligent semi-automated multilingualism saves translation costs the more extensive your project becomes.

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Go for results – the Magazine

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The result comes before the fact. In our magazine we cover all topics that play a strategic role for your relevant business goals – from„What do I need at all“ to „How do I implement it?.“

Our Customers

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“With Gosign, we have found an agency that has managed to surprise with a fresh breeze and unconventional ideas, while still taking us as customers into consideration, and that has managed to bring the company significantly forward in its external image.
The system support works smoothly thanks to the untiring commitment of the technicians, who are able to implement even amateurishly formulated projects perfectly. It is really fun working with you”.

Stefan Powels, Corporate Communications | Deutsche Grundstücksauktionen AG
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“Fast, friendly and competent support. That’s how cooperation should be!”

Oliver Hickfang, Leiter Online/Webmaster | BVMW
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“Even as the world market leader, we want to go further, high up. It is both inspiring and reassuring to have the conceptual digital power of Gosign on our side at all times.

Arletta Korff, Head of Innovation | Sony Music Entertainment
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“Gosign advances directly to the result. The depth and breadth of this process – and the pace at which it takes place – is a defining characteristic of our new digital strategy.

Charlotte Karlinder, Gesundheitsexpertin & Medizinjournalistin |
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“With Inductive Ads we suddenly have 260 % more leads. The gain in visibility is so enormous – we no longer even realize that we are actually an exclusive niche provider. Very recommendable.”

Björn Carstensen | CEO, Co-Founder Lemon Systems
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“I want to know if a digital agency can help develop company value. Gosign can do that. And where others are still babbling, Gosign does pirouettes. “

Torsten Ziegler, Geschäftsführer VITURA
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“When I push a startup, I need a partner who is at least as passionate about the topic as I am. Gosign burns. “

Bosse Küllenberg, Chief Digital Officer | Sparq Corp. New York

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So that you get wind of it right away when we come to new insights in our magazine.

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